CBD Reduces Symptoms Associated with Fibromyalgia

Reading a CBD Label

When you take a pill in which the label says 800 mg's. That one pill is 800 mg's. When you purchase a 1500 mg bottle of cbd, what you are buying is a bottle that contains 1500 mg's in total. A bottle of cbd is usually 30 milliliters. Divide that by the milligrams of cbd and that will give you the amount of CBD you are ingesting per serving.

Taking CBD for Chronic Pain

CBD is amazing for chronic pain. CBC reduces inflammation that causes pain. So many people are turning to opioids and many over the counter drugs that are destroying there insides. CBD is the healthy alternative that works.

How Much CBD Should I take

Many people ask me how much CBD does it take to remove my pain, anxiety and depression? The true answer is, "I don't Know". Everyone is different. I take a full dropper of the 1500 mg's every day. You may only need a quarter of a dropper. The most difficult part in the beginning is finding the correct dose that works for you. A man that weighs 250 pounds will need more than a man that weighs 150 pounds.

Can I Buy Purple Planet On Amazon?

Selling CBD on Amazon is prohibited. It is against there policy. the confusion lies in the fact that amazon allows you to use words like CBD and CBD oil in there keyword search. When you type in those words you receive results like hemp oil and hemp oil extract. It is not the same. If you do not see Cannabinoids listed in the ingredient deck, then it is not CBD.